Lumbara SIP

Lumbara Smart Info Panel (SIP) is a modern indoor/outdoor city view that displays  processed information based on smart city sensors, but also important city announcements , warnings or advertised information related with city daily or nightly life.

Interconnecting things

Lumbara Smart Info Panel can be connected with Lubara Prime and Lumbara Solix solutions providing informations, warnings/alerts and recommendations regarding:

  • air temperature and humidity
  • atmospheric pressure 
  • UVA/UVB Index
  • Rainfall
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Garden/green area stress
  • Air quality 
  • etc.

Aside sensors processed/predicted information, Lumbara Smart Info Panel provide an intelligent system for publishing :

  • news (eq. opera, concerts)
  • city alerts  (eq. regarding traffic, city yards etc)
  • advertisements 

Multiscreen synchronization

Outdoor panel

Lumbara Smart Info Panel static/dynamic content is being created and pushed in sync to displays across city.

Depending on the content to display on hundreds of indoor or outdoor panels simultaneously images, sound and full video on highest definition

Is it possible to create various scenarios with specific schedule and to be displayed based on location, area of interest, time of day or a particular news campaign etc.


Lumbra Prime can run using almost all IOT technologies, addressing short ranges or big ranges.

Lte-M Cat1 and Nb-Iot radio connectivities are suitable for isolated places with LTE-M coverage, and require a SIM card and telecom subscription plan being .

Wifi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  radio connectivities are suitable for small areas like rezidential spaces or small city squares  where Wifi is present.

Lora, LoraWan and SigFox radio connectivities are supported for large areas with transmision links between 2 nodes are up to 14Km (line of sight).