Lumbara Solix

Lumbara Solix is an ultimate green  irrigation solution (patent ongoing) , designed for residential, smart city and  small agriculture production usage. The solution is designed to be autonomous, running on green energy and reusing the water.

Overview of solution

Lumbara Solix is coming to support  European programs in term of emissions reductions, renewable and efficient energy.  

Using solar/wind energy powered and various water sources, Lumbrara Solix is a perfect solution for isolated green zones.

Water supply and usage

In a city (or garden) there are many small places (likes squares,  flower zones, etc.) that requires a special treatment as irrigation and fertilization.  Using the dipeX micro-technology, Lumbara Solix is dosing the water and fertilisants talking into account the soil, air and the plants that needs to be maintained. Lumbara Solix  basically relies on collecting the water from nature  in small underground tanks. Based on type of the plants and environmental sensors  the solution has intelligent water dosing  that will reduce the costs of maintenance(personal, people, water, energy etc)  up to 90%.

Video monitoring and AI

Using a micro camera,  Lumbara Solix is using image recognition technology for zone supervision. The system is continuously auto-trained  to check the deficiencies or anomalies based on type of the plant, plantation organisation, colors but also  taking into account the environmental factors (air, noise, etc).

IOT technologies

Lumbra Prime is supporting almost all IOT technologies, addressing small residential deployments but also SmartCity or Agriculture bigger areas.

Lte-M Cat1 and Nb-Iot radio connectivities are suitable for isolated places with LTE-M coverage, and require a SIM card and telecom subscription plan being .

Wifi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  radio connectivities are suitable for small areas like rezidential spaces or small city squares  where Wifi is present.

Lora, LoraWan and SigFox radio connectivities are supported for large areas with transmision links between 2 nodes are up 14Km (line of sight).


Aside valves and pumps, Lumbara Solix components were designed to be low powered using solar and/or wind  energy. The system is modular,  having the advantage of rapid scaling and almost zero pollution. Lumbara Solix control unit is supporting up 8 low power valves and 2 micro pumps.  Once is powered, the system is trying to be autonomous, asking for help and/or call for action only if is necessary.