Lumbara Prime

Lumbara Prime solution is suitable for existing irrigation systems.  Adding intelligence to the irrigation activities, our solution can save energy and water, but also is reducing the maintenance costs.

Lumbara Prime , can run in parallel with the  existing systems by simply replacing or deactivating the current irrigation controller. One Lumbara Prime controller can handle up to 8 zones (valves) and 2 pumps.


Lumbra Prime intelligence relies on smart metering, measuring  water consumption and detecting system leakages. It is well known that each irrigation system elements become faulty in time , the water is loss and the pumps are working continuously, consuming energy and finally self-destroying themselves.   Moreover, due to water composition, the sprinklers nozzles might be covered by calcium or by sand, and this have impacts  in quality of irrigation.

Using AI, the system is controlling the debits, detecting also if the sprinklers are working fine correlated and how the pump behaves.


Lumbrara Prime is using soil sensors for reading temperature and humidity but also  outdoor environment sensors in term of heating, humidity, pressure,  rainfall, UV and photosynthesis solar radiation. Supporting RS485, one unit can handle up to 30 devices (ex. soil humidity sensors) distributed on a wired bus with length up to 500 meters.


Lumbra Prime can run using almost all IOT technologies, addressing small residential deployments but also SmartCity or Agriculture bigger areas.

Lte-M Cat1 and Nb-Iot radio connectivities are suitable for isolated places with LTE-M coverage, and require a SIM card and telecom subscription plan being .

Wifi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  radio connectivities are suitable for small areas like rezidential spaces or small city squares  where Wifi is present.

Lora, LoraWan and SigFox radio connectivities are supported for large areas with transmision links between 2 nodes are up 14Km (line of sight).